Cycling = Freedom to travel around Vancouver

Summer is almost upon us and THERE'S A LOT TO LOVE about riding during the warmest months of the year: the salty scent of the ocean breeze, the lush green mountain vistas and seemingly endless hours of daylight. Now is the perfect time to saddle up and explore all that Vancouver has to offer.

With the air pollution ever increasing, cars shouldn't be the only way to get around. Vancouver is attempting to make cycling a legitimate mode of transportation with its Transportation 2040 plan putting pedestrians and cyclists needs first before drivers. We are undergoing a transformational effort that includes the conversion of traditional car-only roads to multi-use and cyclist-only streets. The cycling network we at present have is quite remarkable, and it’s still continuing to grow and be improved upon. We are giving other Canadian cities a shining example on how to put those who would prefer to travel by cycle or by foot by showing them how beneficial these can be.

There is a great photo essay that shows how many of our downtown streets are being transformed from cars only to shared multi-use roadways. Read this article to learn more.

Road Rules for Cyclists in Vancouver:

• Always come to a full stop at stop signs. Not stopping is illegal under BC's Motor Vehicle Act, and you can be fined $167. Watch the above video to learn more.

• Never assume that another cyclist, driver, or pedestrian sees you. Make eye contact with other road users.

• Take care when passing parked cars to leave enough space for drivers and passengers to open car doors.

• Cycle in traffic safely and predictably. Signal before turning, and learn the skills needed to control your bike.

• Yield to pedestrians crossing the street and to buses when they are leaving a stop.

• Do not ride on sidewalks or crosswalks unless signs posted allow you to. Walk your bicycle on a sidewalk or a crosswalk.

• Maintain your bike in good working order. Equip it with a warning bell and use front and rear lights on your bicycle after dark, as required by law.

• Helmets must be worn according to Provincial Law, and safety vests or reflective clothing are recommended. Do not wear headphones that cover both ears.

• Take extra care when it’s wet because it will take longer for your brakes to grip and stop your bike.

If you didn’t bring your bike with you, this is no problem as we have 3 bike rental shops nearby that we highly recommend.

The first is EZEE RIDERS and they are just next door to us at 1823 Robson Street 

The second is BAYSHORE BIKE RENTALS and they are just a short walk away at 745 Denman Street 

Thirdly, SPOKES are also a short walk away at 1798 West Georgia Street 

Cycling is by far the best ways to tour all that Vancouver has to offer. From beaches to mountains, there are more than 400km/249mi of bike routes throughout the city. Some great sites for planning your route are:

City of Vancouver

Public Transit Rider Guide

Vancouver Central GreenWay Map

Bike Hub Route Planning

The Stanley Park Seawall is one of Vancouver's most iconic rides and there are dozens of people riding this fantastic route most days, especially on weekends. The route is 9km in total and it is both an easy and flat ride. The seawall has a paved off-road marked cycle path, which can be busy with cyclists and pedestrians, especially on weekends. Lots for kids to see and do in Stanley Park! Wildlife, scenery, totem poles, lighthouse and so much more! If you get hungry along the way there are many concession stands open on weekends or bring a picnic as there are lots of picnic areas along the way. Maps available online at:

One thing to note about the seawall cycling route is that it is one way counter-clockwise around and this is clearly marked and indicated.