Our favourite food around Vancouver!

Nutritious & Delicious Inside the mind of a Vancouver Foodie

One of the most common questions, asked the minute people check-in, is where to eat. While there are no shortages of options in the West End, it really is a big question. Normally, it helps if we can drill down to create a short-list of potential eateries. Plus, it says a lot about our guests!

While there are many stand-out places that people go to when they visit Vancouver, here are a couple of local options which may not be on the radar but are both unique and delicious (as compiled by Foodie Rob):

Acacia Fillo Bar: A fixture in the West End since 2006, Acacia features Bulgarian specialities. Their signature item is called Banitza, which is a pastry made by combining filo dough, eggs and cheese. There are many options for fillings in both sweet and savoury, Foodie Rob suggests the Leek & Cheese Banitza – especially as an alternative breakfast to the usual “2 eggs”-type breakfasts. Recent guests raved about the poached eggs as well as mentioned that they have a ‘half-size’ breakfast option for those seeking a lighter meal. 1103 Denman Street

House of Empanadas: Unfortunately, this private enterprise will not sell Foodie Rob shares in their operation. Empanadas, as you can imagine, are their signature items. These little pies have a variety of tasty fillings such as spicy pork and spinach & goat cheese. They also use organic ingredients. Many of our southern guests are familiar with empanadas, though these have more South American style flavour combinations. Dessert fans can rejoice as the House of Empanadas is loaded with amazing options including the venerable tres leches (‘three milks’) cake, which is a sponge-style cake with three types of milk – most importantly condensed milk, which is soaked into the cake. 976 Denman Street

Ghurkha: A mere twenty minute walk from Times Square is a small, family-run restaurant with Himalayan dishes from countries such as Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. Many of the items show the geographical influences through curries and noodle dishes while retaining distinctive characteristics. Many options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike. Foodie Rob recommends Quati, a vegetarian curry loaded with nine types of beans and Gorkhali Khasi, a goat curry he describes as “hauntingly good”. 1141 Davie Street

Whether you seek a snack or a large feast, Vancouver’s West End has you taken care of. There are so many places to check out, and keep in mind that one visit may not be enough. Regardless – bring an appetite!